Our Codex

dephyte produces and distributes products for plant biotechnology applications. This includes plant tissue culture media, biochemicals, equipment. Many products are produced in our own laboratories.

Our Codex

We, the employees of dephyte, have the highest demands on the quality of our products. At any time we want to act in harmony with our environment and with high concern for the sustainability of our work. Social, economic and ecological balances shall not be adversely affected by our actions, but be integrated with responsibility and awareness of sustainability in our economic activity.

Our core values honesty, integrity, transparency, quality and ambition to research are an integral part of our success. We all contribute every day in our work to the positive perception of dephyte.

The following concept of the Code of Conduct represents the core values and culture and provides a framework for our employees, in which they can deal responsibly with each other and with legal and moral challenges of everyday business and can act accordingly in a correct manner.

dephyte committed along with its distributors for the preservation of natural resources and aims to provide prudent environmental management. All products of dephyte should be conducive to the interaction of man and nature. Achieving profit is subject to this maxim at any time.

Our products help advance research in plant biotechnology and exploit the potential of natural renewable raw materials. Thus, the prosperity and quality of life can be increased.

The name dephyte stands for innovative and high quality products. Innovation and quality are fundamental pillars of our strategy and culture and help provide us to an enormous competitive advantage.

We strive in everything we do for high quality standards. To be successful, dephyte must adapt to changing market conditions and offer outstanding and advanced products based on efficient business processes that set us apart from our competitors.

Area of validity

The basics of the Code of Conduct are binding for the entire company. They apply to all employees and are globally valid. Contractual distributors as related partners of the company are instructed to respect this Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct can not and should not provide detailed instructions for action for all situations, but provides the general framework and the principles of action, with which dephyte will comply. Its execution is therefore determined by internal company regulations and instructions, Howeverm fixed collective agreements, policies and operational arrangements will apply unconditionally beside the Code of Conduct. In order to take account of special features adjustments may be made, provided that they do not suspend the basic maxims of the company.

All managers have the task of communicating the Code of Conduct in the company, to exemplify it actively and to ensure its compliance. As a role model, they have a special responsibility.