Plant Culture Media

 Dry powder premixes for usage in...

Dry powder premixes for usage in solid or liquid plant tissue culture techniques. Such dehydrated formulations providean ecological optimum due to the low shipping weight, a fast and easy medium preparation by dissolving in water- without the necessityof several stock solutions.

Overview of available standard premixes within this category:

  • Salt Premixes
    • Contains micro- and / or macroelements which are the inorganic part of the media (whereas microelements can be provided in chelated form using organiccomplexing agents)
    • typically used in addition with individual organic supplements like vitamin premixes
    • allowsflexibility in the concentrationof inorganic elements, which can support adjustment to the optimal level
    • does not contain sucrose or gelling agent
  • Basic Medium Premixes
    • contains Micro- and Macroelements
    • contains partially or full required organics (e.g. vitamins, plant growth regulators)
    • typically used for liquid culture techniquesin bioreactors
    • solid media can be obtained by addition of gelling agent
    • does not contain sucrose or gelling agen
  • Medium premix with gelling agent / sucrose
    • only forsolid media
    • lower flexibility but faster medium preparation

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