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  • Components will be homogenized to allow precise weigh up of the end product
  • Delivered in HDPE-bottles with GHS-conform safety label and individual ID

Category: Basic medium premix

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Production amount
Premix Macroelements
Concentration Premix Macroelements
Premix Microelements
Concentration Premix Microelements
Premix Vitamins/Organic substances
Concentration Premix Vitamins/Organic substances
Individual Additions, max 2. (in mg/l or mmol/l)

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Individual Additions

Allowed are additional substances which have the article number prefix NS, AD or WR.
Desired concentrations can be submitted in mg/l or mmol/l.

Limitations (cumulated)
  • Prefix NS: max. 2000 mg/l
  • Prefix AD: max. 500 mg/l
  • Prefix WR: max. 10 mg/l

Composition check

For saving resources and minimice usage of valuable raw material, we can check your configuration for possible problem fields like temperature sensitivity of ingredients or compositions which can lead to undesired side reactions. Our recommendations will be submitted then before production starts.


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